WriteHand Bill of Materials

Scrolling down on Robottini’s Cartesio plans, he mentions the hardware for his build only cost $60. Maybe 60 pounds? Regardless, that amount is seriously low, and unless he has some sweet connections, there’s no way I could do this whole build with only $60. Here are the components I used (so far), with their costs and locations on the web where I found the best deal*.


(4) 8mm Linear Rod (400mm long) – $27.41
(8) LM8UU and (3) 608zz Bearings – $9.89
8 ft of Timing Belt – $7.12
(2) Timing Belt Pulleys – $4.98
(16) 4in Cable Ties – ~$0.72
M8 Screw Nuts Bolts – ~$5.00
M3 Screw Nuts Bolts – ~$1.50

3D Prints – 184.63 grams @ $0.16/gram = $29.55
(Printed at the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center at SUNY New Paltz)


CNC Board with UNO and 3 Drivers – $29.49 (I already had an Arduino UNO, so I bought the CNC sheild and (2) A4988 motor drivers seperately)
(2) Nema 17 Stepper Motors – $21.86
(2) Mechanical End Stops – ~$3.66 ($5.49 for 3)
Micro Servo – $3.64 (I used one from a RadioShack motor kit)
Wires and Connectors – ~$3.00


Cord Organizer – $2.48


Total: Approx. $132

The best deal was a balanced mix of what I considered good price and quality from a trusted seller (USA or Amazon backed vendors).

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