Ready to Weld!

I currently use a Weller SP40NKUS 40 watt soldering iron featuring LED lights and comes with three iron tips. For about $20, it is a pretty decent hobbyist welder (I’ll create a product review for it later). My first and most used ironing tip recently corroded through to the internal copper coils, so I have been focusing on other parts of the project.


But recently I ordered new soldering tips and they just came in. I found that the cheapest tips could be ordered directly from Weller at their website, but they have a $10 minimum order limit, so I got myself an iron stand as well. My iron came with it’s own stand, but my iron just about props itself up at the same height as the old stand. I wanted something that would keep the iron from spinning around if I hit the wire – spinning hot metal at my work table is not a good thing!


Anyway, I started work putting some of my cat feeder motor driver components together. But before I get too far, I want to map it out in a little more detail than what I have on Fritzing. Fritzing components are a certain size and orientation. However, my diodes and capacitors have bendable legs, are a little more flexible to position, and are different sizes, so I think I can make a better, cleaner layout of the PCB board.



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