American DJ PC-100A Troubleshooting

My wife and I are still unpacking and setting up the new apartment, giving me time to set up things again in maybe a  more efficient way (I wrote this post a few days ago, but just got the internet hooked up). One piece of equipment I have purchased to make life a  little easier is the American DJ PC-100A. It works as a power strip that I can control with 8 individual outlets with switches on a front panel. I use it for turning on and off my music monitors (PC speakers) which I would normally have to turn off from the back of each  device.

Over the past few years, I have found the switches get stuck in the on position (the light of the switch stays on, as well as the outlet connected to it, yet the switch will be physically in the off position). I decided since everything was disconnected anyway, I might take a look inside for what may be the issue. For instance, maybe some internal piece was keeping the switch from turning all the way off.


The device is quite straight forward. Power comes in through the wall cable and runs through a reset-able fuse, then passes through each individual switch in parallel so that the voltage drop across each switch/outlet combo remains 120 VAC. Each switch is connected directly to it’s individual outlet, then electricity returns back to the switch and then the wall cable. Note all grounds are connected and also connected to the metal case to avoid shorts with the case.


The inside components were quite secure, and upon opening the device, the two switches that gave me trouble began to work again! Fortunately there is nothing inside the case of the device that would cause the sticking. I believe it may have been pressure on the switch components from the case top that may have caused them to lock up. I removed the fuse momentarily to take a picture of one of the switches, giving me information about the switch so that I can either purchase new ones, or replace them with something more reliable.


For now, I’ll close it back up (carefully as to not put force on the switches) and use it until it gives me problems again. Now I also know the inner workings of the device, so if there are any other issues, I can mitigate them as well.

If something’s broke, don’t be afraid to open it up and take a look. It might just fix itself!

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  • roch larivee
    3 years ago

    where can i get replacement parts

    • I’m not sure what parts you need, but I found the switches on Amazon here. Based on the comments, people have run into issues with the switches failing on other equipment. My switch recently failed on again, so I may try these instead. They don’t illuminate, but look like they may be a bit more successful.

      Good luck to you and your replacements.

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