Midi Message Tester Mini-Project

I wanted to test out different kinds of midi messages in FL Studio, and needed a way to toggle between messages and their values. I could have found a way to do this with software, but really wanted to play with this 2 x 16 character LCD screen.


Knowing how to build this is not necessary for the step pedal midi controller, so I’m not going to cover this in great detail. This post is mainly for my records, but you can use┬áthese images and the following code to create this yourself if you like.

Midi Message Tester

Note that I used a number pad for an easy to use array of buttons. The buttons in the above diagram are connected to ground and one of the input pins, 0 though 6, on the Teensy 3.1 (not shown for simplicity).

Adruino Code

My Arduino sketch include two extra tabs, to help me organize the code.


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