Cutting the Stomp Box

My wife recently picked up a nice tall bench which is super sturdy and makes for a good outdoor work surface. She uses it for the porch plants, but I re-purposed it this afternoon to cut out the pieces of the stomp box portion of my midi controller.

At Home Depot, I picked up a 0.25″ x 3.5″ x 4′ poplar hobby board and 0.75″ x 3.5″ x 8′ maple board, which was much too long for what I needed (which was only about 25″), and probably didn’t need such dense wood.


The maple was cut using dimensions I had pulled from my guitar step pedals and 3D models. I ended up cutting everything out with our Bosch Jig Saw which worked better than I had anticipated. I didn’t worry much about making everything look perfect and square. The scraps may be used later when I figure out how I want to mount the electronics underneath.

The poplar hobby boards were cut down into two 14″ lengths. I marked out where the three maple supports would go, then the centers of the LED holes and switches. I kept the two 14″ sections clamped together as they would be the same layout. This worked to my advantage as the two surfaces that faced each other would be in better shape than the outside surfaces I was drilling through.


Starting with pilot holes, I drilled out everything and slowly incremented up in size until I got to my 1/2″ drill bit (or 13/64″ for the LED’s). Skipping ahead too many bit sizes, the wood would rip apart and the drill would grab onto the material. Switching bit’s is a pain in the neck, but is necessary to prevent injury and create a cleaner hole.


All the parts come together pretty nicely. there will be slight gaps between the tiers, but for functionality purposes I’m pretty happy so far. Something I did overlook was how to run wires from one side of the box to the other. I’ll have to go back later and add some passageways for that.


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