Four months ago, my wife and I moved to the town of Beacon, NY, roughly halfway between her school classes and my job. Before I decided I wanted to pursue making as a hobby, I became proactive in finding others who had similar interests in the area. A great source in doing so is the website,

When I started looking at tutorials, projects, and books related to the maker movement, I realized that while makers can go it alone in their endeavors, the most successful makers have used the knowledge of others to help find solutions, troubleshoot issues, or gain inspiration from.

I try to be a regular at a meetup in town, the Digital Salon, which is made up a whole bunch of people of different backgrounds who get together to talk about anything related to technology. Most have very strong programming backgrounds, and others show up just to learn. They’re a great group to bounce ideas off of and share my progress with, and some of the guys I have met there also have experience with Arduino.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to enter the online maker community. I suppose this blog is a first tiny step to that.

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