3D Printed Parts



My wife was able to successfully print out the CAD models I designed and after some minor sanding, they work great! The screw holes are aligned correctly and the funnel component screws into my hopper (an empty pretzel container) perfectly, which I am fairly surprised about and glad I do not need to waste plastic by reprinting it. However, the hole I designed for a switch to detect jams did not come out too clean, and really took quite a bit of filing and sanding with a dremel tool to open up.

0905151048b  0905151048a

I recently stopped by Lowe’s and grabbed myself a cheap mini file kit. It helped me remove some burrs and open up the screw holes if they were a tad small.


The dremmel tool I have is a cheap one I found at a yard sale for $5. It isn’t too powerful, but came with plenty of attachments, so I have plenty to try for different uses. This tip I used to sand away burrs and strings in the funnel to clean up it’s look.

I’m still sanding up the parts, but now I am changing my focus to the circuit design and Arduino program.

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