Welcome to The Amateur Maker blog! It’s an exciting time to be an amateur maker and I hope you’ll bare with me as I share my story in developing my skills, sharing my knowledge (and lack thereof), and reaching out to the community (you included!). I’ll share my ideas, tips on what I am doing, product reviews and more.

Feel free to comment on anything you find interesting, would like me to elaborate on, or would like me to add to a current post or future post. I hope we can help each other learn and grow as amateur makers!

What can you find here?

I cannot make any promises, but I would like to add at LEAST one post per week as a goal for 2016. Ideally, I’d love to have more than that. I’d hate for you to miss something that you’re interested in, so be sure to join the mailing list for a friendly email whenever I add to the site or have some fun maker related things to share (I’ll by adding a way for you to filter the kind of messages you would like to receive very soon).

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